Android Constraint Engine

Currently the need to develop more complex and robust applications for mobile devices leads us to seek new programming methodologies that allow solving specific problems, and the importance that is taking the use of mobile devices in society for all kinds of tasks, which emphasizes the development of applications for a new market. Engines as Choco restrictions are aimed purely at Computer Desktop, research is done in order to use these engines on devices with Android operating systems. For the development of applications that provide solutions to complex problems is used the programming paradigm by restrictions. The results of the research project that allows the use of engine Choco restrictions on devices with Android operating system are presented in this article.
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Application for development restriction’s solutions with Android and Choco:

Android Studio with Choco: Is a portable version of Android Studio with libraries added and reconfigured by default

Download here!

Also we have a article for our topic that is named:

Uso de un motor de restricciones sobre Android revised

The final product of this reserch is “PROTOTIPO DE SISTEMA DE RESTRICCIONES PARA DISPOSITIVOS MÓVILES” with a source code available for use with Subversion in svn checkout constdroid-read-only.

More examples developed in this research:



The last applications are in Downloads on this site

The final product of this research is a application that allow use the constraint engine in Android devices and it available in downloads