Application of the PSP Quality Standards in the subject of Information Structures of the Systems Engineering Program of the University of Nariño

This research will analyze the feasibility of teaching the PSP Quality Standards within the Software Development Line and check whether learning at a pre-graduate level improves the processes involved in the construction of software. This Project is based on the fact that PSP trains students in the management of time / planning and the elimination of defects, and encourages the idea that a good analysis of all the factors that interact in the construction of software, will grant you quality.

Based on the lack of assurance in the quality of software development in the Nariño region and in general, in Colombia, it is necessary to start a learning process in software construction practices that guarantee its effectiveness. From the moment in which the person begins his training as a systems engineer it is necessary to establish appropriate methodologies in software construction. This is why you need to focus on the application of the methodology proposed by PSP in a disciplined way to attribute quality and leave behind the bad habits that develop during their professional training.


SIIPRIN 2016: click here to download


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